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The Qing History Journal is One of the Top 50 Journals Most Popular With Foreign Organizations Secretary Jin Nuo visited Porfessor Dai Yi Professor Cao Xinyu discovered Rare Texts of Huangtian Dao The First International Conference on Manchu Documents was Held in Beijing
Obituary Disasters Wet and Dry Conference Was Held in Beijing The Abdication of the Qing Emperor and the Founding of Republic of China 16-18 June 2012 Symposium on ^Politics in Qing Dynasty and National Identification ̄ was held in August 9 to 11, 2010
Symposium on Sun Yat-sen was held in September 4, 2010 Professor Benjamin A. Elman from Princeton University Visited, June 2-3, 2010 New Publication: Western Learning and the Culture in Qing Dynasty,May 2008 Upcoming Event: International Symposium on Westerners and the Qing Court(1644-1911)
Professor Joanna Waley-Cohen from New York University Visited, February 28, 2008 The Fifth Young Scholars¨ Forum of IQH was held in December 15, 2007 Shen Jie won the University Ph.D Dissertation Award in November 29, 2007 Scholars from Minnesota University visited, September 18-20, 2007
Professor Madeleine Zelin from Columbia University Visited, June 9, 2007 Professor Huang Wansheng from Harvard University Visited, June 6, 2007 Colloquium on Starting Publication of New Historiography, April 28, 2007 Symposium on Publication of History of Neo-Confucianism in Qing Dynasty, April 21, 2007
International Symposium of the Perspective of Monarch and Royal Court was held,September 27-30, 2006 Professor Dai Yi Lectured to New Students in September 5, 2006 International Symposium on ^Western Learning and the Culture in Qing Dynasty ̄was held,Aug.24-26,2006 The Fourth Young Scholars¨Forum of IQH was held in December 24, 2005
Ma Jinhua won the University Ph.D Dissertation Award in September 30, 2005 Prof.Xie Denoted Archives to National Committee for the Compilation of Qing History in July 24, 2005
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