From 1981 to 2005, the staff at IQH has published more than 2000 articles and 300 monographs.

Major Publications

China and the World in the Eighteenth Century《十八世纪中国与世界》

Faculty members of IQH jointly published a nine-volume 18 shiji de zhongguo yu shijie (China and the World in the Eighteenth Century) edited by Professor Dai Yi. Jochen Schlobach, professor of Universität des Saarlandes and president of the International Society for Eighteenth Century Studies (ISECS), has evaluated it as “a significant milestone event.”

The Mirror of Qing Annals & Chronicle of Qing Dynasty 《清通鉴》与《清史编年》

And another 2 big projects: Qing Tongjianthe Mirror of Qing Annalsin 22 volumes and Qingshi Biannian (Chronicle of Qing Dynasty) in 12 volumes edited by Professor Dai Yi and Professor Li Wenhai, have received a number of important national awards.

Recent publications


Li Wenhai: Miscellaneous Discussions on Morality of Qing Officials (Qing dai guande congtan)


From National Deterioration to National Invigoration (cong minzu cenlun dao minzu zhenxing)


Cao Ganghua: A Study of the Ming Buddhist Chorography (mingdai fojiao fangzhi yanjiu)


Liao Judian: A Study on Chan Yan and his Historical Events as Recorded in Yuan poetry (Chen Yan jiqi yuanshi jishi yanjiu)


Zhu Hu: Min Bao Wu Yu: Non-governmental Relief in Modern China (1876-1912)  (min bao wu yu:zhongguo jindai yizhen)

朱浒: 《民胞物与:中国近代义赈》